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Allergies to Nitrates (251) in meat products

Nitrates (251) can produce allergic symptoms within minutes of ingestion in people with chemical sensitivities. Symptoms include gastrointestinal ailments, skin irritations such as hives, swelling and redness, fatigue and headache, congestion and asthma complications. Read More…

How many additives did you consume today?

Every day we consume a range of chemical additives many of which are safe, some even health promoting.

Our daily meal habits (home cooked typical western fare, not including fast food) expose us, on average, to over 120 different additives and of these, more than half could be considered less than desirable, if not harmful – in other words bad food additives. Read More…

Preserving water is a toxic challenge for cosmetic manufacturers

If one of the ingredients in your makeup item is water (and the chances of this are very high), then that product will need to also contain some sort of preservative.

Water, in any form, will harbour a range of potentially dangerous bacterias without a preservative, or range of preservatives, to combat microbial growth and contamination. In fact, many manufacturers actually aim for a shelf life of three years for make up products and load in enough preservatives to meet that goal. Read More…

Remembering preservatives that trigger asthma

Asthma is listed as a potential side effect for preservatives in the range E200-E228 according to the Chemical Maze.

I find this an easy fact to keep in mind when supermarket shopping and bypassing anything likely to cause wheezing is quickly passed over. Read More…

Sulphur dioxide is red flag for allergy sufferers

For some of us, it was a good news day when research indicated that a glass of red wine a day could be beneficial for health.

But for those of us allergic to food additive and preservative 220 (sulphur dioxide), even one glass of red wine can cause an exhausting list of potential side effects, from headaches and migraines to more serious outcomes like anaphylaxis, asthma and bronchitis. Read More…

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