How many additives did you consume today?

Posted on 18 July 2011 in Blog by L. Schneider
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Every day we consume a range of chemical additives many of which are safe, some even health promoting.

Our daily meal habits (home cooked typical western fare, not including fast food) expose us, on average, to over 120 different additives and of these, more than half could be considered less than desirable, if not harmful – in other words bad food additives.

The good news is that you can reduce the amount of additives eaten each day by up to 90% by making informed choices when shopping.

Comparing products for the ‘least harmful’ additive ingredients can show enormous variation between an item in one brand compared to another. For example, some brands of butter have no additives; others are chemical laden. Basic pantry items such as jam, bread, fruit drinks, cheese and breakfast cereals are all categories where the difference between chemical loads is worth investigating. You may be surprised.

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Lindy Schneider is a writer and researcher with a keen interest in health, wellbeing and natural childcare. She is an advocator of a chemical-free lifestyle in the best interests of her family, the community and a sustainable world. She lives in the Yarra Valley with her partner and two young children.

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