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The Chemical Maze was written to make it simpler and easier to recognise additives and ingredients in foods and cosmetics that have the potential to cause discomfort and ill health. With this recognition comes freedom of choice and for many a new lease on life.


Chemical Maze

Bill, the Visionary

Bill Statham lives with his wife and business partner Kay Lancashire in the picturesque Gippsland region of Victoria. He is a researcher and writer with an interest in health education and a commitment to making a positive difference to the health of people and the environment. Bill studied and practised homeopathy both in Australia and the UK for over ten years. During this time he became increasingly concerned about the detrimental effects on health caused by synthetic chemicals in the foods we eat and cosmetic products we use every day.

In April 2008 the food regulating authority in the UK, the Food Standards Agency (FSA), called for the voluntary removal of a number of synthetic colours used in foods and beverages. This follows in the wake of yet another government-funded study that clearly demonstrates a link between synthetic food additives and adverse health effects, especially in young children. A spokesperson for the FSA stated that ‘it was the agency’s duty to put consumers first’, and that the colours were not necessary and it was therefore ‘sensible’ to remove them from food. Several major food manufacturers in the UK have listened to the concerns of consumers and committed to replacing harmful colours with safer alternatives. In Australia and New Zealand, foods and beverages containing these and other potentially harmful additives continue to be freely marketed to children. Several of the synthetic additives lawfully allowed in processed food products have been shown over the last 40 or so years to cause or exacerbate symptoms and conditions like hyperactivity, asthma, learning difficulties, headache and migraine, behavioural problems, sleep disorders and organ damage. Some of these additives have been banned in one or more other countries, either because they have not been conclusively proven safe, or what is more disturbing, they have been shown to be unsafe for human consumption. Scientific studies are bearing witness to what parents have known for many years‚ that certain food additives can adversely affect children’s behaviour and learning ability. Given the fact that links have been clearly demonstrated between certain food additives (especially synthetic colours) and harmful effects in young children including hyperactivity, learning deficits and behavioural problems, the continued addition of these chemicals to foods marketed at children is tantamount to criminal negligence. Why? Because the first seven or so years of a child’s life are critical to establishing a foundation on which they build their future health, relationship and career paths. If these precious moments are distorted and ultimately lost by the unnecessary addition to their diets of synthetic chemical additives, they can never be regained. Today’s informed consumers are no longer content to accept that all the additives and ingredients in foods and personal care and cosmetic products are benign and therefore can do no harm. This increased awareness is a result of both personal experience and the proliferation of information via various media exposing the potential damaging effects of many of the synthetic chemicals in use today, including those used in foods and cosmetics.This application has been produced to make it simpler and easier for you to recognise safe foods, cosmetics and personal care products so you can help protect your health, the health of your family and the health of the environment.


Applications of the Future

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