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What the word ‘fragrance’ means

Skin care and cosmetic products are given pleasant fragrances to enhance our experience of them. The fragrance used is mostly a synthetic concoction created in a laboratory and made from a variety of chemicals. Because labeling laws only require the ‘fragrance’ to be listed, the chemicals used to create those fragrances are not shown. Read More…

Reading food labels 101

Reading food labels can be a satisfying experience! Every now and again, I come across an item that has no questionable additives or chemicals in it and I give a quiet hip hooray.

Food manufacturers are changing their approach to food technology as we, as consumers, raise our voices about what we can and can’t accept. Read More…

Ingredient Listed on Pepsi Max

Question: My name is Debbie, and I have only got the 2nd edition of The Chemical Maze.There is an ingredient in it that I am unable to find it is Phenylketonurics. As there is no sugar in this soft drink I can only assume it is used as a sweetener. Would you be able to clarify if it is another toxic chemical? Would appreciate if you could please e-mail me on this. Read More…

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