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Mascara – a list of chemicals that may surprise you

Mascara has an ingredient list that includes a range of chemicals: Petroleum distillates, shellac, acrylates (strong irritants), phenylmercuric acetate (preservative made from benzenes and mercury that can cause blisters, skin irritation and allergic reactions), parabens (hormone disrupters, allergens), quaternium-22 (preservative, allergen), quaternium-15 (eye irritant) and pentaerythrityl (resin additive made from formaldehyde). Read More…

Are Mineral face powders a natural cosmetic product?

The most significant advancement for the natural cosmetic products industry over the past few years has undoubtedly been mineral face powders. But like any cosmetic product, natural or not, the use of potentially toxic ingredients by manufactures requires us to read labels diligently and look for the real truth behind health claims. Read More…

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