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Food additive dangers explained – Natural Therapy pages talks to Bill Statham, author of The Chemical Maze

Food additive dangers are explained in a pocket guidebook and iPhone application that lists a comprehensive range of additives, their common ailments and health concerns. The Natural Therapy Pages directory recently interviewed author of The Chemical Maze Bill Statham about his mission to educate everyday people on the dangers of food additives and provide practical ways to avoid chemical nasties.

Bill talks about how labeling legislation is mostly in favour of the manufacturer, rather than the consumer and discusses how much of a label is devoted to ‘advertising’ the product instead of ‘informing’ the consumer.

He also discusses the shortfalls of safety testing where results on animals may not be true indicators of health impacts in humans and talks about the limitations associated with testing additives in isolation, rather than looking at combined effects and in the longer term.

Take a moment to read about Bill’s extensive research and how you can best educate yourself on food additive dangers.

Read the full interview here

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Lindy Schneider is a writer and researcher with a keen interest in health, wellbeing and natural childcare. She is an advocator of a chemical-free lifestyle in the best interests of her family, the community and a sustainable world. She lives in the Yarra Valley with her partner and two young children.

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