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Are banana chips a healthy children’s snack food?

Healthy snack foods are high on most parents’ list of ‘must-have-at-the-ready’ items.

Fruit in its natural form is always preferable but when a child wants chips and only chips, I have found banana chips can satisfy kiddy cravings and provide a healthy option. So I was curious to find out how banana chips are made and if any aspect of the manufacturing process is detrimental to health. Read More…

Ammonia free – the best hair colouring option

A hair colour at the salon should be a pampering treat but did you know the ammonia used as an active ingredient in most commercial hair color preparations is also used in explosives manufacturing, toilet cleaners and cigarettes?

Ammonia hydroxide has been linked to asthma, bronchitis and skin irritations. It also causes havoc in the environment especially in ocean ecosystems. Read More…

Avoiding MSG in Pregnancy

Pregnancy cravings can be instant and while ‘gherkins and ice-cream’ were never on my list of desirable foods when I was pregnant, the urgent need to eat often had me circling a food court looking for healthy options.

By the time you eliminate the fried food, the ‘sitting in the bain-marie all day’ food, the listeria-risky food (which unfortunately includes pre prepared salads and even nori rolls) there only seemed to be one option: an Asian style soup. Read More…

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