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Additives banned for infants could be banned for all children

Many additives considered safe by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) are also classed as ‘prohibited for use for infants’. In fact, according to the Chemical Maze, 84% of approved additives are not allowed to be used in foods for infants, an age limit set at twelve months of age.

Eighty four percent of food additives equates to about 250 individual food additives likely to cause harm to infants. Read More…

Safe cosmetics for use in pregnancy

Some cosmetics are harmful chemicals applied directly to the skin. Pregnancy is a time when many women make substantial changes to their diet to support the healthy development of their baby, but many do not consider that some cosmetics are also worth avoiding in the best interests of maternal and prenatal health. Read More…

Avoiding MSG in Pregnancy

Pregnancy cravings can be instant and while ‘gherkins and ice-cream’ were never on my list of desirable foods when I was pregnant, the urgent need to eat often had me circling a food court looking for healthy options.

By the time you eliminate the fried food, the ‘sitting in the bain-marie all day’ food, the listeria-risky food (which unfortunately includes pre prepared salads and even nori rolls) there only seemed to be one option: an Asian style soup. Read More…

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