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Quick and fresh

Do our diets reflect a supermarket layout or do supermarkets reflect our diet? I am tipping it’s a little of both but when you look at the amount of space dedicated to processed foods compared to that given to fresh foods the lack of balance is very obvious. Read More…

Low fire danger clothing may be high chemical danger clothing

Many products in your home will have been treated with a flame retardant chemical. Everything from mattresses to DVD players, pillows, clothes, furniture and even televisions may have been treated with these flame retardant chemicals in the production process and by law, infants bedding and sleepwear must be treated. Read More…

How are food additives classified

Here is a quick and ready reckoner that provides an easy to understand classification system for the food additives used today.

  • 100-199 Colours
  • 200-299 Preservatives and Food Acids
  • 300-399 Antioxidants, Mineral Salts and Food Acids
  • 400-499 Emulsifiers, Humectants, Vegetable Gums and Processing Aids
  • 500-599 Anti Caking Agents, Firming Agents, Stabilisers and Processing Aids
  • 600-899 Flavour Enhancers
  • 900-1201 Sweetening Agents, Bleaching Agents, Propellants, Antifoaming Agents
  • 1400-1450 Thickeners
  • 1505-1521 Sequestrants and Solvents Read More…
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