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Citric acid (330) an often used food additive

The food additive Citric Acid (330) seems to be on just about every label I check. It is naturally derived from citrus fruits and imparts a sour or citrus flavor to food and beverages. It can also have a preservative effect. Most soft drink labels include citric acid, and you will also find it in icecream where it modifies fat cells, effervescent drinks and wine. Read More…

E330 – E333 inquiry about adverse reactions from MSG

Question: My husband has a known sensitivity to MSG and associated flavour enhancers but recently he also seems to be reacting to citric acid and other citrates (E330 -E333).

We have the third edition of the chemical maze and in there you indicate that they may provoke symptoms in people sensitive to MSG but this is the only time I have found this information. Everything else I have read seems to indicate that E330 -E333 are safe. I was wondering if you could let me know the reason that some people with sensitivities to MSG might react to citric acid so that we can better understand this puzzle and how to manage it. Read More…

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