Real foods don’t need to tell lies on pack

Posted on 13 February 2012 in Blog by L. Schneider
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Just as it is preferable to eat real, rather than processed foods, it is also best practice to have real vitamins, rather than processed or synthetic ones. Many foods are now promoted as being vitamin enriched but the truth is that most vitamins and minerals need other vitamins and minerals in order for the body to absorb and use them. Most, if not all, vitamin-enriched foods will lack the necessary balance to facilitate absorption and so have very little effect on overall health and wellbeing. Real vitamins are found in quality supplements and real food. A balanced diet, rich in a variety of colours and fresh foods will provide your body with the best possible vitamin and mineral mix, and supplementation may help with deficiencies when they occur. Don’t be persuaded by vitamin-enriched claims, they are often just clever disguises for over-processed foods that lack many other essentials elements.

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Lindy Schneider is a writer and researcher with a keen interest in health, wellbeing and natural childcare. She is an advocator of a chemical-free lifestyle in the best interests of her family, the community and a sustainable world.

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