Are banana chips a healthy children’s snack food?

Posted on 18 July 2011 in Blog by L. Schneider
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Healthy snack foods are high on most parents’ list of ‘must-have-at-the-ready’ items.

Fruit in its natural form is always preferable but when a child wants chips and only chips, I have found banana chips can satisfy kiddy cravings and provide a healthy option. So I was curious to find out how banana chips are made and if any aspect of the manufacturing process is detrimental to health.

Some banana chips are deep fried, an issue if you are concerned with trans fats and a process where heat can destroy many vitamins and enzymes important to good health.

Solar or air dried banana chips are typically a better option; however, be aware that they are often coated in sweetened syrup or honey, which adds to the calorie density and may provide a sugar rush to children and the associated hyperactive behaviour spike.

A small handful of banana chips is probably fine, but a fresh banana is more satisfying and nutrient-dense.

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Lindy Schneider is a writer and researcher with a keen interest in health, wellbeing and natural childcare. She is an advocator of a chemical-free lifestyle in the best interests of her family, the community and a sustainable world. She lives in the Yarra Valley with her partner and two young children.

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