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Children’s toothpaste – what do you choose?

The toothpaste section of the supermarket seems to continue to expand, and one area where this is particularly obvious is in the area of children’s toothpaste. I recently compared two brands of children’s toothpaste to see how they differed in terms of claims and ingredients. Read More…

Alcohol-free skin care good for your skin, good for health

Many skin care products use alcohol as a solvent to lift dirt and oils from the skin.

Cleansers, fragrances, hairsprays and deodorants are common products containing this kind of ‘cosmetic’ alcohol, which is denatured and undrinkable. The side effects of denatured alcohol include birth defects, neurotoxicity and skin irritations and given that the skin is one of the major organs of the body and highly absorbing, it stands to reason that avoiding alcohol-based products could be advisable. Read More…

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