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Rachel’s daughter seems possessed by a “monster” when she has foods with artificial colours.

Firstly I would like to say thank you for researching and writing such a fantastic and useful book, The Chemical Maze.

In 2008 I moved with my husband and daughter to Brisbane from the UK. After around six months I was having some behavioural issues with my daughter who was four, but it wasn’t consistent. One time we put it down to a fruit cordial she had drunk at a friends and vowed we’d never have it in the house.
Another occasion it was as if she had been possessed by a monster, screaming, hitting out and the like. I couldn’t engage her in conversation; make eye contact or anything useful to calm her down. I felt powerless to help so put her into the car, with much effort. It took almost 70 kilometres for her to finally calm to a normal level of breathing. Then after the final 10 kilometres home, she jumped out of the car perfectly normal and her old self.

When we spoke about the episode she had little recollection of what had happened. She genuinely looked disturbed when I explained why we hadn’t continued our day at Sea World. We discovered it was ingredients in the ice-cream AND cone I had bought her, thinking it was a treat.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was then I researched different colourings used in Australia and cross referenced them to the UK. I looked at the foods we were eating, which I would have said were fairly healthy choices, and removed all foods contains colourings.

Since this path of personal research I have started an advanced diploma in nutritional science as I feel so strongly that we, as parents, aren’t always aware of what we are feeding our children.

We have now relocated to New Zealand and have the addition of a son in the family, which is where I discovered your book.

This discovery coincided with me experiencing a terrible reaction to a new facial cleansing wash. I hadn’t started on the cosmetic ingredients research until now! Wow, who knew! I am now reading the small print on all products in the house.

I really am thrilled with my new purchase of The Chemical Maze and just wanted to say a big ‘thank you!? It has provided me with everything I need to know in a size which is ideal for my shopping bag.

I have emailed all my friends with links to your website and details of your book.

Best regards
Rachel Nisbet, New Zealand

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