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Michael from Melbourne deals with their sons Hyperactivity

This is a fantastic life changing book. I was beginning to think my son had psychological problems when a friend recommended The Chemical Maze to me. I now have a perfectly ?normal? four year old, providing I monitor his food.
We have just had a weekend away with two other families who were handing out all sorts of ?bad? food to the children and I was having trouble keeping it away from my son, we ended up with a very cranky boy and a frazzled mum who just wanted to save her son from the ?poisonous? food. I had left my copy of the book at home and searched frantically until I got a second copy. I showed the other parents how the shopping companion works and they were horrified at what was in the foods they were giving to their (and my) children. Two more copies of the book will now be purchased and my second copy will always be left in the glove box of the car in case I am ever forgetful again.
My sister-in-law is now an avid user of the book too. We were discussing her son’s behaviour when I asked her to get the packet of what he had eaten. To her horror your book proved the contents of what he had eaten matched the effects. Hyperactivity, aggressive, head banging, insomnia, learning difficulties. She had told me she ?couldn’t be bothered? reading all the labels, but she is now a convert.
We recommend The Chemical Maze to many people and they may look up your website as we did.

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