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Leonard Westwood in Mackay Qld writes about how The Chemical Maze may have saved his life.

Hi Bill,
Please allow me to tell you a positive story, which is also a true story about myself and my family. For the last three years I suffered left temple migraines which only appeared to be in a single point in my head. So I went to a doctor who advised me that my blood pressure was high. He then prescribed an MRI, blood pressure tablets and headache pills. He also mentioned that migraines can be the sign of a reaction to some food types and then gave me a migraine booklet to assist me in finding the answer.

When I returned to my doctor two months later I informed him I was no longer taking the prescribed medication and I had also found the problem to be certain foods, but I didn’t have it nailed to what exactly.
After saying that my doctor prescribed me a dose of your booklet “The Chemical Maze” 4th edition. It was only after using your booklet that I discovered the actual chemicals that were upsetting me, and once I stopped buying and consuming these products I got better and I am now back to good old headache-free me.
At the end of the day I owe thanks to my doctor for being open minded, but I owe my gratitude to Bill Statham for producing the book which I believe may have saved my life. When I type “saved my life” I don’t take it lightly. The pain from these headaches had me thinking suicide on a few occasions as these headaches also caused me to sneeze and cough, my left eye would weep, my nose would run like a tap being turned on and off, my neck would crack and lock up, I would get very aggressive and short with people, itching on my elbows and no sleep for days. The main food types which give me hell are; soy sauce (even organic type), gravy mixes and most of all the cheap “Kirks Dry Ginger Ale”.
The problem actually started three years ago when I stopped drinking coca cola and I started drinking Dry Ginger Ale. When the headaches started the soft drink was the last thing from my mind and it was only after using your book and placing a chemical to each product that I found the problem. The food additives sodium benzoate (211) and MSG (621) seem to be big baddies for me. My household have removed 90% of these chemically contaminated foods from our kitchen and diet. We would like to go 100%, but that is not achievable at this stage of man’s evolution! LOL.
Thank you for caring about your fellow man and I will continue to recommend this little booklet to all. When I shop I make it obvious to people what I am doing looking at the book and reading the labels. People will eventually change if given time. I don’t preach a perfect diet or lifestyle, but even cutting down on the food types we know have these toxins has changed my family’s lives by a long way.
P.S Now our cupboards are bare to look at but we are slowly finding alternatives to the shop bought foods which contain all the bad stuff. We do make some of our own sauces, but it is so amazing just how much rubbish we humans eat and how much junk we have to eliminate; absolutely amazing.
Yours Sincerely
Leonard Westwood

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