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Julia From NZ, deals with Eczema

My son was 15 months old when he developed eczema and we found more than anything else man- made chemicals were more to blame than any natural foods.
We were given a tool to deal with the eczema, which then allowed us to eliminate and experiment with the foods and chemical products in our environment. When you start looking, it almost feels like ignorance could be bliss, as there is such a minefield of chemicals and misleading advertising. Thank you for giving us a clearer path to follow!
We have found that by going back to basics in our foods and using natural products our whole family has benefited.
Our original tool was using probiotics for our son’s eczema. This cleared his skin up like new, and using it in conjunction with as much chemical free products, has allowed him to grow up without a debilitating skin condition. He is also healthier than most of his peers and even at the age of six understand the importance of a chemical-free diet and usage of products.
Primadophilus Reuteri is the probiotic we used ? and having checked an eczema website it appears that many others are finding this type of probiotic to be be of a superior type. Not all probiotics are the same. More misleading advertising!
We also found all disposable nappies to be a problem ? the only one that was kind to his skin was Moltex Eco or cloth nappies.

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