Good food is meant to perish

Posted on 17 January 2012 in Blog by L. Schneider
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Normal, natural healthy food is meant to go off. This is one sign that the food has not been tampered with by manufacturers, or otherwise denatured. The addition of preservatives to many foods has the function of extending shelf life, and as modern consumers we have come to expect that the foods we buy will last well beyond what is natural. There is a fundamental flaw in this logic.

When you visit communities or countries that live closer to the earth and further from a supermarket, you will find an abundance of fresh produce available and easily accessible every day. Those that value food and its nutritional benefit find they purchase a small amount of food for that day, or just a couple of days only.

They buy seasonally at markets (or pick form their garden) only what they need at the time and do not take excess that will spoil. Shelf life is a concept that relates to few days not a few months. Preservatives are minimised or eliminated from the diet when you buy food that is going to go off!

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