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Rae who writes about taking back responsibility for her and her family’s life

Our lives changed rather dramatically when one day my husband came waltzing in the front door with The Chemical Maze tucked firmly under his arm. At first I found the whole thing just terrifying and then, very depressing. I kept thinking about all the really bad stuff I’d been consuming and using over my thirty-odd years of life. The possible accumulative effects of sheer ignorance are a lot higher than people think, and were weighing heavily on my mind. But as time went by, I moved from feeling like a victim to feeling like a person who now had the ability to exert change in my life – an empowered person. Sure, I couldn’t do much about the past, but I could do a whole lot about the future. My little boy was somewhere around the 6 month mark, and I was just so thrilled to be able to set him on a course towards better health and, as such, quality of life?.
?..Until we read your humble little book, we were totally ignorant to the whole food/personal products “conspiracy”. Like far too many people, I never really questioned what I was eating or putting on my body. Why would I need to? Surely if the stuff was bad the government would prohibit it’s use! How naive I was. I had, without even knowing it, handed over responsibility for my life to someone else. I was horrified to realise I had been using harmful antifreeze type chemicals among many, many others.
As a family we took back that responsibility and since that time have made huge changes in our lives. Out went most of our personal care products, along with half the pantry. We now stick with companies like Pure Earth, Miessence and Coral Moon to provide all the personal care products, and what they can’t provide, we make. Robin Stewart’s Chemical Free Home (book) contains a lot of great natural recipes such as lemon juice hairspray that works a treat! We buy only organic fruit and vegies (and as many organic items that we can) and basically avoid as many chemicals as possible. We even bought an ice cream maker to avoid carrageenan, among other harmful additives.
We also use absolutely brilliant cleaning “fibres” (gloves & cloths) from a company named Enjo. The fibres clean simply with water, eliminating all chemical usage. The fibres are not impregnated with any chemicals at all, the water itself acting as the surfactant. They work really well, halve cleaning time and eliminate all chemical usage. What more could you want? They’re not cheap, but neither are all the cleaning chemicals when you add them up, not too mention the health concerns, and they last for years. I don’t really have a lot of information on chemicals used in cleaning products, nor why to avoid using them, but I figure they would make some of the chemicals in your book look like a walk in the park, so that’s enough for me!
So thank you for questioning and for sharing your knowledge with others. Knowledge is, indeed, a powerful thing. We know a number of people who rushed out and bought a copy of your book when they read ours. But many people still look at us like we’re nuts and think we’re insane (you should have seen the look on the checkout chick’s face when we explained why we were returning so many bits and pieces!).
But hey, if being aware human beings who question, take responsibility for our own lives and enjoy the ensuing good health makes us nuts, then bring on the lobotomies! Thank you for sharing what you know. It changes lives. Keep doing it!

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