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Peter Pearson who writes about The Chemical Maze as a supporting framework

Clearly the only way that people can change their habits and consumer decisions is to understand the decisions, what they are eating and how it affects them. I can say from my experiences, that the most powerful way to be able to understand something is if you have a supporting framework to place one’s experiences. Without a supporting framework, an experience cannot be placed mentally so no connection is made. The experience of consuming and the resulting physical experiences just seem to be like fog.
Using this simply and superbly presented information source “The Chemical Maze” helps to provide a background framework to then test and build upon the understanding of one’s experience. For instance, I now understand why I feel a particular way from particular ingredients much more clearly than with only the name and numbers of ingredients labelled on products.
“The Chemical Maze” is an important contribution to a growing awareness that is shifting the balance away from harmful ingredients to more user friendly, life supporting, sustainable ingredients that are easily recognisable by a market that is growing in dietary and consumer awareness.

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