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Karen Fox, who writes about a pregnancy hazard

I would like to let you know about a choice I made lately and after using your guide I am so thankful that I did so. As part of my pregnancy care, I was recommended to have a blood test to check for diabetes. The test involves being given a sickly sugary green drink as a glucose challenge on my body to see if I could get my sugar level back down to normal within one hour (when I had blood taken).
I was Ok with having to have blood taken, but was concerned about what effect the glucose (and whatever else was in the drink) would have on me and my baby. My very understanding doctor said that it was mainly only glucose in the drink but I could supply my own challenge if I wanted. I chose 300ml of Organic muscat grape juice which was plenty sweet enough for what I am used to. I was particularly concerned that other women had told me that the green drink had made them sick and even vomit. As I have had yucky morning (or all day) sickness, I did not want to add to this.
After doing the glucose challenge and having blood taken, the nurse showed me the green drink that I had avoided. Check out the contents: water, glucose, food acid 330, preservatives 202 & 211, colours 102 & 143. When I got home I checked these in “The Chemical Maze”. As you would know, none of these additives are a particularly good idea and all of them are unnecessary, but 102 is very hazardous. Thank God I made the right choice and thank you for giving me the information to confirm my concerns.
I will be showing your book to my Doctor.
No wonder other pregnant women are sick from this test. I believe that pregnancy sickness is a detoxification process to clean out your body in preparation for building a healthy child. The more sensitive of us get it the worst. No wonder when women get over it they appear to be glowing. This is closer to our natural state.
I am very grateful to my morning sickness for waking me up to this theory and seeking out your book. I am determined now to stay detoxed and my health can only improve from here. I bet next time I won’t suffer so much.

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