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Debra in North Epping who writes about her son’s progress from ADHD

I would like to share with you a miracle with my youngest son Jack. By eliminating harmful numbers from our environment, house and food my son’s behaviour has become much calmer, he is so much easier to handle. The main difference that we welcomed was that Jack was diagnosed a classic ADHD with major learning difficulties (not that I ever put him in that box) and this is the first time that anything alternative had actually made a huge difference for him. His memory is getting better each day and he is all of a sudden able to learn. His Rudolf Steiner schoolteacher is amazed at the dramatic difference and suddenly. I am currently supporting other mothers with hyperactive children or with behavioural or learning difficulties and they are impressed with the changes that can happen when you eliminate the numbers. I am currently moving my family onto a 100% raw food life plan and it going really well. I still carry your book with me everywhere and people always comment and ask questions in supermarkets. The world is waking up to this and companies are going to have to change their capitalist ways. Parents are becoming angry when they learn about the harm so-called healthy snack foods are doing to their children and families.

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