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Are there any more editions in the making?

Bill Statham the author of the Chemical Maze is constantly researching new information about Food Additives and Cosmetic Ingredients from around the world as it comes to hand. This research is compiled and released in subsequent editions of the book and Apps.

How can I contact the author?

Bill Statham the author of the best selling book the Chemical Maze and the content author of the Chemical Maze App suite is available for media interviews by posting a question on the contact form. For general question please review the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) before posting any question on the contact form.

Rae who writes about taking back responsibility for her and her family’s life

Our lives changed rather dramatically when one day my husband came waltzing in the front door with The Chemical Maze tucked firmly under his arm. At first I found the whole thing just terrifying and then, very depressing. I kept thinking about all the really bad stuff I’d been consuming and using over my thirty-odd years of life. Read More…

Karen Fox, who writes about a pregnancy hazard

I would like to let you know about a choice I made lately and after using your guide I am so thankful that I did so. As part of my pregnancy care, I was recommended to have a blood test to check for diabetes. The test involves being given a sickly sugary green drink as a glucose challenge on my body to see if I could get my sugar level back down to normal within one hour (when I had blood taken). Read More…

Michael from Melbourne deals with their sons Hyperactivity

This is a fantastic life changing book. I was beginning to think my son had psychological problems when a friend recommended The Chemical Maze to me. I now have a perfectly ?normal? four year old, providing I monitor his food.
We have just had a weekend away with two other families who were handing out all sorts of ?bad? food to the children and I was having trouble keeping it away from my son, Read More…

Julia From NZ, deals with Eczema

My son was 15 months old when he developed eczema and we found more than anything else man- made chemicals were more to blame than any natural foods.
We were given a tool to deal with the eczema, which then allowed us to eliminate and experiment with the foods and chemical products in our environment. Read More…

Debra in North Epping who writes about her son’s progress from ADHD

I would like to share with you a miracle with my youngest son Jack. By eliminating harmful numbers from our environment, house and food my son’s behaviour has become much calmer, he is so much easier to handle. The main difference that we welcomed was that Jack was diagnosed a classic ADHD with major learning difficulties (not that I ever put him in that box) and this is the first time that anything alternative had actually made a huge difference for him. Read More…

Asthma Maze

Asthma Maze

Find out which Food Additives or Cosmetic Ingredients can trigger an Asthma attack


Instantly identify dangerous food additives and cosmetics ingredients with ease.

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The Asthma Maze App was written to make it simpler and easier to recognize food additives and cosmetic ingredients having the potential to trigger Asthma attacks. With this recognition comes freedom of choice and for many a new lease on life.

  • Find out which Food Additive or Cosmetic Ingredient can trigger Asthma attacks
  • Identify your greatest risks
  • Filter out the Food Additives that should be avoided based on your Dietary restrictions

Read More…

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