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How do I search for a food additive?

Since the publication of the 4th book edition of The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion there has been a growing awareness of what we are putting in our mouths and on our skin. This is no easy task, but many hundreds of hours of research have been rewarded with feedback from consumers showing that The Chemical Maze is a App whose time has well and truly come.

Can I search using INS Numbers?

You can either enter the food additive name or the INS number in to Apps. For example you can type in 951 or e951 and it will return the details for Aspartame

Am I able to scan barcodes or food ingredients?

Unfortunately due to the lack of standard food barcode databases not being readily available that carry the list of additives included, we cannot offer this feature. We are however working with a number of providers to allow this functionality to be added in the near future.

How did The Chemical Maze come to be?

The Chemical Maze was first written by Bill Statham 2001. His aim was to make it simpler and easier to recognise additives and ingredients in food and cosmetics having the potential to cause discomfort and ill-health. With this recognition comes the freedom of choice and for many a new lease of life.

Are there any more editions in the making?

Bill Statham the author of the Chemical Maze is constantly researching new information about Food Additives and Cosmetic Ingredients from around the world as it comes to hand. This research is compiled and released in subsequent editions of the book and Apps.

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